Click Here Tatyana Ali - Daydreamin' (Lyrics)

Tatyana Ali - Daydreamin' (Lyrics)

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All day long I think of you, I can't even think of things to do, wishin 
all of my daydreams come true, now baby what am I to do. 
Ohh ohh whoe whoe 

I think about yesterday, somebody was talkin to me, but I couldn't 
understand a word they say. Not that I was tryin to be rude, but 
conversation couldn't make it through, the thoughts of love I have for 

Baby your face takes up my time, cuz I can just see your face with mine, 
I try to change my thoughts, it's a waste of time, you keep my mind 


Tell me what am I to do, when I can only think of you, even when I have 
simple things to do, like talking on the telephone, or watching TV when 
something's on, if it ain't about you then what's the use. 



(Lord Tariq) 
Yo Yo Yo 
What up girl, you all grown up now, doin ya singin thing, the charts 
sewed up now, well ya know I do my rap thing I'm holdin it down, And I 
knew that me n' you was gon' connect somehow, your people called for 
this track ain't no trouble to me, I dreamt that you and me got married 
on the WB, you on channel 11, I carry the M-11, Rj call the reverend, 
it's a match made in heaven, whateva have you, I let you know I'm from 
soundview, down till I found you, I'm tryin to be around you, I'm still 
comin up, chasin the fame and wealth, I could spoil you wit time, you 
got everything else. 

(Peter Gunz) 
I'm still New York to the heart, but got love for all, when I first saw 
this girl, dog I wanted to fall, Mean the hammer so stunnin, that my 
body was tense, And i wishin every day that I was fresh like prince, 
then I came accross my man Rj parlayin in a 6, wit Tatyana Ali playin, I 
heard silly ann blackow and went wild, yo, tell me how can I get down. 
That's when they threw a red eye to LA, I dirtyed my cash and peeps 
back, and hit Shaq on the cellay, courtside seats so close that we can 
touch, Tatyana and Lord and Peter Gunz like what. 


(Add lib) 

(chorus till fade) 

More lyrics of love songs and ballads

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