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These features are the ideal toolbox for anybody in love or thinking about falling in love. There's lots of romantic content which could give you more ideas for a fulfilling relationship. Check it out and please do give us some feedback what you liked and what should be improved.


  • LoveTest People's Choice Awards - every year before valentine's day, we ask our visitors to nominate the favorite love, romance and relationship sites. There are always great prizes to be won such as luxury vacations, novelty gifts, books, CD's, etc. Check out the winners of the past raffles and vote for your favorite sites to enter the free contest.

  • Member Discussion Forum - do you need any advice on your relationship or about love matters? Join the discussion board and talk to other visitors to The Love Test Club is the ideal forum to get in touch with other members. You can also check out the chat directory of LoveTest members. Join the ever growing list of members and make new friends from around the world.

  • Valentine's Greetings & Postcards - send your loved ones one of our greeting cards. There's no pick-up number to fetch the card. Instead the graphic postcard is sent immediately to your crush.

  • Personal Ads - looking to meet new friends or your perfect partner? Check out the large list of personal ads. Browse the list of personal ads and get in touch with new and exciting people.

  • Cupid's Love Charm - 10 easy steps to cast a magic spell on your crush. You shouldn't take this all too seriously, although we've heard from a number of people that it really worked for them... try it and decide for yourself...

  • Love Songs & Lyrics - everybody likes music, right? This is the list of our all time favorite love songs. You can read the lyrics of the songs and even listen to them online. We wish that we could put our full collection of CDs online but that would go beyond the scope of this site... more than 7000 songs on 1000 CDs covering everything from rock to pop to soul and blues... Check out our GuruHits music web site for more about those songs.

  • Translations of "I Love You" - when you go on a vacation or browse through our personal ads you might find your perfect match from a foreign country. In that case it's always handy to have a list of "I Love You" translations -- the most important romantic sentence in all cultures.

  • Global Time Zone Converter - it's always difficult to maintain a long distance romance. The global time zone converter makes it easy to know the time at your lover's place. You wouldn't want to call him/her in the middle of the night, would you?

  • First Dance Suggestions - here's our collection of the best songs for the first dance at your wedding. You can listen to the songs and also buy the CD's (or tell your friends to buy the CD for your wedding). If your favorite song is not listed, then you might want to tell us about it...

  • Cartoons - lots of great relationship cartoons and comic strips. Check out the funnier side of romance and relationships.

  • Royal Wedding Photos - ever dreamt about becoming a princess? Dreams do come true! Check out the royal wedding page!

  • Compatibility Information - select your zodiac sign and find out who you are compatible with. Also learn about your partners major traits.

  • Free Horoscopes - this is a huge list of free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. All the links are grouped by zodiac sign, so you don't have to wade through the scopes you don't want to read. It's fast and easy!

  • Quiz Central - are you looking for tests and quizzes about love, romance, relationships and your personality? Check out the Quiz Central for some great personality quizzes. It's the place to learn more about yourself and your love relationship!

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