Click Here Silk - Freak Me (Lyrics)

Silk - Freak Me (Lyrics)

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Freak Me

Let me lick you up and down til you say stop
let me play with you body, baby, make me real hot
let me do all the things you want me to do
'cause tonight baby, I wanna get freaky with you.

Baby, don't you understand
I wanna be your nasty man
I wanna make your body scream
Then you will know just what I mean
Twenty-four karat gold,
don't want the night to grow cold,
I wanna lick you up and down.
And then I wanna lay you down,
come on I'm so excited.


I love the taste of whipped cream
Spread it on top of me.
You know I can't resist you,
girl I'll fly you all around the world
I wanna see your body drip
Come on, let me take a sip
to calm what you cherish the most,
cause we're about to brag or boast.


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