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Photo of Joe Savelberg
Jochen "Joe" Savelberg

Dear Reader!

How's life? How was your start into the week and into the month? I hope it was excellent. In July I had a two week vacation to Spain and I took a lot of photos. I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

Since I came back from my holiday, I've spent a lot of time working on and several other projects. Many of the features on the lovetest site have been improved and some new options were added. I can already see that they are becoming very popular with my members. The 14 day prevision, the birth chart and the new compatibility reports are on top of many bookmarks... All those features are easily accessible on

Daily Prevision

The prevision summarizes the positive and negative points for the 14 day period you selected. You can also get more information for each date by selecting it. This is a quick overview and you can see your best days on the included graphic.

Free Birth Chart

I spent a couple of days to install a new birth chart system on the web site. Now the birth chart gives you a lot more information and "technical" data about your personality and future love opportunities. Here's the link for this free system:

Birthday Special

While the free birth chart system provides a lot of data, it might be a little bit to difficult to understand for many members.

My friend Wayne Browning created a horoscope system which produces easy-to-understand charts and reports. In order to celebrate my birthday, Wayne was kind enough to offer a special set of astrology reports for all my members. Those reports include an in-depth and accurate birth analysis, a compatibility report, a career guide and a 30 day horoscope forecast. <>, to get your reports, please go to the following page and select my EasyScopes special:

Please keep in mind that this birthday special is only good until this weekend and then it will be removed. After all, I can't celebrate my birthday for a full month, can I? :-)

Soulmate Maker

If you've been a member of the weekly lovescopes for some time, you know that I love those romance advice books created by the nice folks at Rassiter Romance Research (especially Bob and Margaret). They told me that they've just released a new version of their most popular guide to drive your partner wild.

The first issue already provided great advice and techniques to put the romantic sparks back into your relationship. The second issue now also tells you how to turn your partner into your soulmate. I read this improved report during the weekend and found it most interesting. If you'd also like to turn your partner into your soulmate, then I recommend that you check out the latest issue of the Rassiter report. You also get 2 bonus reports ("Herbs for lovers" and "69 ways to tantalize your man") if you order their downloadable e-book.

Monthly Horoscope

Susan Miller posted her horoscope forecast for August 2002 on Susan is one of my favorite astrologers on the Internet and offline as well.

You can read her monthly horoscopes by going to

Holiday Pictures

As I said earlier, I had been on a vacation to Spain. I went there with a couple of buddies I still know from high school.

We had a really good time, going to the beach, going dancing at night and also doing a little bit of sight seeing. Although Lloret is mostly a party city on the Mediterranean Sea, there is also some cultures and ancient buildings.

On July 17th, we rented a car and drove to Barcelona. It's a wonderful city and it's a pity that we only had 1 day to check it out. This year, the people of Barcelona celebrate Gaudi (a famous architect) who designed many famous buildings in this old city. I also really liked the Gothic District with the old cathedral.

I filmed all our way to Barcelona and posted these road movies online:

The photos of the Spanish beaches, the night life, the old city of Lloret de Mar and of course of Barcelona are online in my diary at

When you are in Barcelona, make sure to take the South (Blue) sight-seeing tour before you go on the northern (red) tour. In the south, you can see Port Vell (old harbor) and all the major tourist attraction. The northern tour is a little bit more boring... To get a first impression of Spain, check the photos at:


Every weekend, I send the weekly lovescopes to thousands of members. Many Scopers on my list told me that they really like the personal format. The weekly mailing contains information about family, friendship and love aspects. It also tells you about your most compatible sign for the week ahead. If you'd like to join the weekly LoveScopes list, please go to:

Well, that's all for now. I hope you have a good start into August and you can spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Best wishes,


Sun: Leo * Ascendant: Gemini

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