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    Love and romance quiz for entertaining compatibility advice

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      Everything you always wanted to know about LoveTest but where afraid to ask. This page tells you about the history of this site and where the test had its origins. You'll even get some background information on the author of this site.

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      LoveTest has received some awards and you'll find them right on this page. So check it out.

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      Are you looking for a great book about love and romance? The bookstore has everything from advice books to novels. If you like to read a good book once in a time, then you should browse through our collection of books. The bookstore was created in association with the largest bookstore on Earth:

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      The LoveTest chat is a great place to find new friends and meet old friends again. It's the place where the LoveTest community comes together. There are multiple chat rooms to check out. However you should make sure that you have a Java compatible browser. Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or newer support Java. (By the way, you are using "CCBot/2.0 (" as your browser.)

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      This page contains the usual legalese: covering the terms and conditions for using LoveTest and our liabilities and responsibilities. LoveTest is a trademark and all contents are protected by international copyright laws.

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      Do you have a question about LoveTest or suggestion of how we can improve the site? Use the form on this page to tell us what you think.

    • Great Flirter? NEW!
      Do you know what it takes to be a great flirter? Take this test and find out... Answer 11 questions and you'll see if you're really a good flirter.

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      Do you want to leave your personal marks on this site? Then write a note into our guestbook and read what other people have to say. It's also a great place to find new friends. Don't miss it!

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      We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you need help with LoveTest, then check out the questions and answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, use the form on the feedback page to send us a note.

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      The Home Page is where everything starts. This page contains the links and forms for the LoveTest and the other tests on the site. It's the first page that you get to when you type into your browser.

    • Horoscopes
      On this site you'll find links to the best free daily, week, monthly and yearly horoscopes on the Internet. Bookmark it and check it out every morning for a great start in your day.

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      Do you like the LoveTest site? And do you have your own homepage? Now it's possible to add a text or graphic link back to LoveTest so that your visitors can enjoy this site as well.

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        Put the LoveTest form right on your own page. Your visitors can enter the LoveTest right on your own site when you install this code.

    • Love At First Sight NEW!
      Do you believe in love at first sight? Take this test and find out... Answer 7 questions and you'll see if you really believe in love at first sight.

    • Love Charm Exclusively by Cupid NEW!
      Need help in love? You might want to try Cupid's Fun Love Charm... maybe it works for you as well...

    • Love Songs NEW!
      Looking for great romantic songs? Check out the love song archive which allows you to listen to the songs and to read the lyrics.

    • More Links
      There are lots of other great places about love and romance on the Internet. You'll find a good selection on this page. You can even submit your own page for inclusion. When you are linking to LoveTest, make sure to tell us about it and we'll link back to you on this page.

      • Fun survey to give to your date
        Here's a funny survey/questionnaire that you can print out and give to your date on the first night. After he/she has filled out the questions, you can evaluate how compatible you are. It's also great fun for parties...

    • Newsletter NEW!
      The monthly LoveTest newsletter contains background information about this site and tells you about the new tests which have become available. We'll also review other interesting love and romance sites for you. Use this page to subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter.

    • Postcards NEW!
      Send electronic postcards to your friends. The postcard is attached to the e-mail, so your friends don't have to come to the LoveTest site to pick it up. However we would love to welcome your friends at LoveTest as well.

      • More Postcards
        On this page, you'll find more electronic postcards. These cards all have information about the zodiac signs. Just select the appropriate zodiac sign and sex and send it to your friends. He/she will surely appreciate the information about his/her zodiac sign which is written on the card along with your note.

    • Rita-Ann Freeman
      Rita-Ann Freeman is a recognized astrologer. If you have any question where you need more insight, look at this page to get information about how Rita-Ann can help you. Her forecasts are very accurate.

    • Romantic Gifts NEW!
      A special occasion requires a special gift. A special person should also receive a special gift from you. We've got links to romantic CDs, freshcut flowers, Belgian chocolate and specialty gifts. Maybe there's something that you need.

    • Site Map NEW!
      The site map is this page. It contains information about all the other pages on the LoveTest site. It helps you to find your way around and to explore the areas of the site that you might have missed in the past. It also tells you which pages are new.

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      Are you interested in advertising your website or products on LoveTest? Then send us your information through the sponsor inquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Are advertising prices are very low and the results are very high. Banner ads on LoveTest have a high click-through rate because it's a great audience.

    • Statistics
      Website statistics are usually very interesting for advertisers. However on LoveTest they are interesting for everybody. This page tells you more about the people visiting LoveTest, the average age and the most requested combination of zodiac signs. Interesting information.

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      Do you know a great test? Is it available on the Internet or did you find it offline? Use this form to submit your test. We'll review it and may include it on LoveTest.

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      If you like LoveTest, you can tell your family and friends about it. Just use this simple form to send a message to your friends and tell them what you thought about LoveTest. Thanks a lot for spreading the word about our site.

    • AstroMate Compatibility Information
      Everything you always wanted to know about the compatibility of the different zodiac signs. Click on your own zodiac sign and get information about who's compatible with you.

      • Aries
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Aries
      • Taurus
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Taurus
      • Gemini
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Gemini
      • Cancer
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Cancer
      • Leo
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Leo
      • Virgo
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Virgo
      • Libra
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Libra
      • Scorpio
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Scorpio
      • Sagittarius
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Sagittarius
      • Capricorn
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Capricorn
      • Aquarius
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Aquarius
      • Pisces
        Compatibility information and character analysis for Pisces

    • Other pages...
      This site map doesn't contain links to all pages. Some pages are created in response to your answers in the different forms. Because these pages are created on the fly to accommodate your entries, we cannot list these pages on this page.

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