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The Love Thermometer

The Love Thermometer analyzes various aspects of your relationship. You enter your name and the name of your partner and then you can choose different aspects to analyze.

If you choose "All Aspects" then the combined average of all aspects will be shown. You can also select just one aspect to get the score for it.

As with all the other tests and quizzes on this site, you can also get the results by e-mail, e.g. if you like to print them, store them or forward them to your crush.

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Please note:
- Submit accurate information for best results.
- Zodiac signs, age and sex will be logged for statistical analysis.
- Submit your e-mail address to receive the results by e-mail for free.
- E-mail address is optional. More features are available if the address is entered.
- Check the privacy policy at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

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