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Birthdays for 29th of May

Melissa Etheridge1961Leavenworth Kansas
Musician, singer, songwriter, outspoken lesbian, companion Julie Cypher, they have one child 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Gemini
Adrian Paul1959London England
Actor, best known for his role as hero on "The Highlander" 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Gemini
Annette Bening1958Topeka Kansas
Actress, films include "Postcards From the Edge", "The Grifters", "Bugsy", married actor Warren Beatty 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Gemini
John Hinckley1955Ardmore Oklahoma
Shot & wounded Pres Reagan Mar 30 1981, 3 others inc.James Brady, obsessed with Jodie Foster, committed to fed mental inst 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Aquarius
Al Unser1939Albuquerque New Mexico
Race car driver, only one of 3 men to win Indianapolis 500 four times 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Cancer
John F. Kennedy1917Brookline Massachusetts
35th U.S. President youngest man to be elected, assassinated Nov 22, 1963 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Libra
T.H. White1906Bombay India
Writer, best known for his chronicles of King Arthur and his court from "Sword in the Stone", "The Once and Future King" 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Libra
Bob Hope1903Eltham England
Actor, comedian, beloved by service men for his world tours, many films with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini - Ascendant: Libra

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