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Birthdays for 23rd of October

Catherine Deneuve
Year: 1943City: ParisState: France
Actress, model, films include "Manon 70", 1970, "Indochine" 1992, photographer's model in later years 
Zodiac Sign: Libra - Ascendant: Capricorn
Michael Crichton
Year: 1942City: ChicagoState: Illinois
Writer, nonpracticing physician, former assisstant to Dr. Salk, "Andromeda Strain", "Terminal Man", "Congo", "Jurassic Park" 
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio - Ascendant: Leo
Diana Dors
Year: 1931City: MiddlesexState: England
Actress, b. Diana Fluck, blond bombshell, played good-time girl in films since the mid 1940's 
Zodiac Sign: Libra - Ascendant: Libra
Jennie Lee
Year: 1928City: Kansas CityState: Missouri
Exotic dancer, founded The Exotic Dancers League of America, 1987 masectomy forced her to retire 
Zodiac Sign: Libra - Ascendant: Leo
Johnny Carson
Year: 1925City: CorningState: Iowa
Talk Show Host, suave comedian, hosted "Tonight Show" 1962-92, career began as writer for "Red Skelton Show" 1953 
Zodiac Sign: Libra - Ascendant: Scorpio
James Daly
Year: 1918City: Wisconsin RapidsState: Wisconsin
Actor, on stage age 10, frequently on Broadway, TV leads inc. "Medical Center", male lover sued for estate after James died 
Zodiac Sign: Libra - Ascendant: Capricorn
Jean Absil
Year: 1893City: PŽruwelzState: Belgium
Composer, director, style rejects traditional harmony 
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio - Ascendant: Leo
Sarah Bernhardt
Year: 1844City: ParisState: France
Actress, prostitute's daughter, legend in her own time, bore a Prince's son, leg injured 1905, amputated 9 years later 
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio - Ascendant: Cancer