Will you find true love this year?

How was your love life in the last year? Still haven’t found your true love yet? Maybe everything will be different this year. Take this 8 question love quiz and find out what awaits you in the next 12 months. You’ll see if you find your soulmate easily or if you have to work a bit on it…


Do you think the New Year will improve your love life? Will it be any better than last year?

Have your read your yearly horoscope for this year yet? If the forecast tells you that you'll find your true love, then do you believe that every single flirt could be your real love?

The guy/girl of your dreams promised to call you on next weekend. On Sunday night, you still haven't heard from him/her. What's your next move?

When you find a new flirt, will you come back to this web site to take some of the other love quizzes for more help?

You were at a New Year's Eve party. Suddenly, you saw this totally sweet boys/girls and you fell in love. However a lot of other boys/girls were also interested in him/her. How did you approach him/her?

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Is there anything you wish that should happen? Do you plan to change your life significantly?

You're still at the party and the clock strikes midnight. How do you feel when you drink to the New Year?

You felt slightly sick on the day of the big New Year's Eve party. You had heard that your dream boy/girl was also going to be at the party. Would you have gone to the party despite feeling ill?

Will you find your true love this year?
You have to get out there!

Will you find true love this year?

If you want to find your true love this year, then you have to increase your flirting efforts. It's no good to dream about happiness in love but you have to get out there and do something about it. Go to parties or dancing and meet new people. Be open-minded and witty -- just try to have some fun. Guys/Women will notice you more easily when you put on a happy face and enjoy yourself. You should give some guys/girls a second look and you might find your true love when you didn't expect it.
Let your relationships grow!

Will you find true love this year?

This year will have lots of ups and downs for your love life. It's easy for you to meet new people as you are easy going and fun to be with. You shouldn't expect to find your true love in every flirt. Don't be impatient and give your relationships some time to grow. When a flirt doesn't develop into something more, you will sooner or later find another sweet guy/girl. This year has lots of opportunities for you to find your true love. Good luck!
This year is your year of love and romance!

Will you find true love this year?

This year is your year of love and romance! People will love your company because you are easy going and very witty. Your good humour is contagious. There will be lots of hot flirts with nice guys/girls for you whether you are at school, at work, at parties or on the dance floor. Now you have to decide if you just want to have a few brief love affairs or if you really want to start a longlasting relationship. It's really up to you! Cupid is on your side this year!

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