Do you know how to kiss right?

Do you know how to kiss right? Actually, it doesn’t dependent only on you, but also on your partner. There are lots of different kisses: wet and sloppy, warm and sensual, hot and arousing, sweet and short. Do you have the right feeling when it comes to kissing? Is your partner happy with your experience of kissing?

Take this 8 question test and find out how good you are!


You buy your dream boy/girl a wafer ice cream. You watch him/her licking the ice cream. Do you think about kissing in that moment?

Has anybody ever told you that you kiss really good?

You watch a couple kissing. One of them looks rather bored. What's he/she thinking?

You've managed to conquer your dream boy/girl's heart. After your first kiss, you are a little bit disappointed. Are you going to drop him/her?

You have been invited to a party. You are dancing with a really nice guy/girl. Then everybody else starts smooching in dark corners around the house. What about you and your dance partner?

You get ready for the first date with your heartthrob. How do you prepare for your first kiss?

What's the most important thing when you kiss? What's your opinion?

Do you remember your first French kiss? Was it good?

Do you know how to kiss?
You are an expert kisser!

Do you know how to kiss right?

You consider yourself an expert when it comes to kissing. You know all different kissing techniques and always take the initiative. However your partner notices that you prefer to kiss just for your own fun and less because of your feelings for your partner. You would probably like to get a kissing record. You lack the right feeling for your partner and don't show enough interest in him/her. It's not a competition! A kiss should always come from your heart!
You are a great kisser!

Do you know how to kiss right?

You are great at kissing: passionate, stormy, sensitive etc. - you know it all. Your kisses come from your heart. You've got the right feeling as you show interest in your partner. For you it's not a competition but real feelings. Sometimes you like to experiment. You always remember that it's not the technique, the strategy or the performance that counts but to have real feelings for your dream boy/girl. It's not surprising that most boys/girls fall for you.
You are a shy kisser!

Do you know how to kiss right?

You are too shy when it comes to kissing. You are afraid to make mistakes and concentrate too much on the kiss instead of letting go and letting it happen. You always try to plan ahead for the next kiss. It's normal to have a little bit of "stage fright". Just try to be a little bit more courageous and take the initiative. Remember: always rely on your feelings and everything will turn out just great. Your dream boy/girl will feel like in heaven!

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