Fun Love Stuff

These features are the ideal toolbox for anybody in love or thinking about falling in love. There's lots of romantic content which could give you more ideas for a fulfilling relationship. Check it out and please do give us some feedback what you liked and what should be improved.

Cupid's Love Charm

Cupid's Love Charm - 10 easy steps to cast a magic spell on your crush. You shouldn't take this all too seriously, although we've heard from a number of people that it really worked for them... try it and decide for yourself...

First Wedding Dance

First Dance Suggestions - here's our collection of the best songs for the first dance at your wedding.

"I Love You"

Translations of "I Love You" - when you go on a vacation or browse through our personal ads you might find your perfect match from a foreign country. In that case it's always handy to have a list of "I Love You" translations -- the most important romantic sentence in all cultures.


Cartoons - lots of great relationship cartoons and comic strips. Check out the funnier side of romance and relationships.