Have you found your perfect match yet?

Is your heart pounding like crazy when you see your heartthrob? I bet you want to give them a big hug and hot kisses and never let go again. Let’s be honest! Are you really sure that you were made for each other or is it just a little crush?

Is there anything that you can't tolerate in a relationship?

During lunch break, you have a flirt with your heartthrob. Later your colleagues start teasing you. How do you react?

By chance you notice your secret love in front of a shop working as Santa Claus. What happens next?

It's your birthday and it's time to write a list of your resolutions for the next 12 months. Looking back to the last year, do you think it was a good year for love?

What's your approach to steal your heartthrob's heart?

You discover that your partner had several one-night-stands before he/she met you. What's your reaction?

How do you think your dream boy/girl will wish you a happy Valentine's Day?

Do you get jealous when the person you love is also much-courted by a lot of other people?

Imagine it's your birthday. Birthday's are the time to make lots of wishes. What's at the top of your wish list?

How do you impress another person?

You are at a party. Your dream boy/girl is also at that party. Suddenly he/she is gone and later you find him/her smooching in the bedroom. How do you react?